Automate keyword editing for PPC campaigns.


Negative keywords picker

Usually, PPC campaign maintenance involves excluding irrelevant search queries. That reduces costs and improves the following conversion rate for your company. However, the default UI allows excluding complete search queries only. Excluding particular words is time-consuming manual work. Mirach SEM can help here!
  1. Navigate to Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising "Search terms" page
  2. Enable the Negative Keywords panel by clicking the browser extension's icon, or by pressing
  3. Click on the words that are not relevant to your ad
  4. Select the relevant match type
  5. Copy the resulting list by clicking it, and then use it in the negative keyword editor.
Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising negative keywords

Keyword mass editor

By default, all keywords are added with no Max. CPC limit, and having Broad match type. Often this leads to losing unlimited amount of money on irrelevant queries.

The solution is to edit all keywords the same way before saving. Mirach SEM adds convenient UI for simplifying it.

Google Ads keywords group mass editing

Setup and feedback

Install the extension directly from the Chrome Web Store and start using it immediately. It's free and does not require registration or extra configuration.

The extension is active only on Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising sites - the other websites are unaffected. It operates without sending your data over the network, meaning no risk for you.

If you find the app useful and want it to evolve - please consider rating it 5 stars. Unfortunately, the system is unfair, and the other rating acts as "dislike".

If you have particular ideas on how to make Mirach SEM better - don't hesitate to write them to [email protected].

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Select multiple words as a negative keyword

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