SEO content writing with real-time keyword stats in Google Docs



When you're a SEO content writer, your customers usually come with certain requirements for the text. Usually, it includes the total number of words and keywords to be used.

Just put these as goals into MirachSEO, and have the progress on reaching them in real time. You can specify:

  • The desired range of words in the document
  • List of SEO keywords to be used
  • Range or the specific number of keywords

The configuration is saved per document automatically and will be available after reopening. When you share the document with somebody also having MirachSEO installed - the target words setup is shared too.

Submit seo text target brief

Track your progress

MirachSEO is a Google Docs add-on - an additional panel with SEO-related document statistics right inside Google Docs. No need to switch tools.

You can apply it to already written documents to count keywords or start tracking the progress from the beginning.

It doesn't distract you from writing the text, but keeps aware by displaying progress bars in the background.


Install Google Docs Add-on directly from Google Workspace Marketplace. This will make it available for all your documents. Don't worry, the app cannot change the documents or send them somewhere outside.

To activate the SEO editor panel, start the add-on from the Extensions menu:

The app is completely free. However, you still can support further development by rating it 5 stars on Google Workspace Marketplace, or by sending your feedback to [email protected].

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